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Why Buy a Xinzuo or Hezhen Knife

Why Buy a Xinzuo or Hezhen Knife

Our mission at the Bamboo Guy is to provide our customers with a variety of the best products possible, and when it comes to knives, our top choice is Xinzuo and Hezhen. And, believe me, we’ve looked far and wide!

Everything we do is an attempt to stay true to our slogan, “The Best For Less, Shipped To Your Door”, so we went on a hunt to find reliable and affordable high-quality knives. We explored the Japanese market, but while most of the products offered excellent quality, but they were simply far too expensive. Our experience in the Chinese market produced the opposite results – there were plenty of cheap options, but they simply weren’t good enough.

Until we came across Xinzuo, a Chinese knife producer who had found a way to strike the perfect balance between cost and quality.

Why We Believe in Xinzuo

As we said, there are two main reasons that Xinzuo stood out to us from the beginning – they aren’t outrageously expensive, and they still provide top-class quality. The knives are clearly made using the right materials and methods – they know what they’re doing, and they’ve found a way to do it without it costing an arm and a leg.

Upon closer inspection, we figured out how Xinzuo had achieved such high quality:

  • Precise Heat & Cryogenic Freezing Treatment: Xinzuo makes use of precise heat treatment and cryogenic freezing methods to construct their blades. Most Chinese knife manufacturers do a poor job of this if they even do it at all.
  • Proper Methods: Not only do they know the best way to make good knives, but they stick to these methods and don’t cut corners.

Introducing Chef Panko world renowned YouTube Asian knife reviewer

But it wasn’t only the quality and price of the knives that drew us in, it was the integrity of the brand as a whole. And, at the Bamboo Guy, we weren’t the only ones who thought so!

During our research, we stumbled upon a knife expert, Chef Panko, who immediately echoed our opinion and experience of Xinzuo knives and the brand as a whole.

“I believe Xinzuo has the potential to be the best, if not already the number one, kitchen knife manufacturer in China, especially when comparing them to the 100+ knives I have tested, particularly in terms of quality control, materials, and heat treatment.” – Chef Panko

Chef Panko is an experienced chef and expert on culinary tools who shares our passion for quality and reliability in brands. Thus, the fact that Chef Panko shares our opinion on Xinzuo reaffirms our belief in the brand as a whole. Panko says it best when he speaks about the integrity and transparency of the brand.

“What truly sets Xinzuo and Hezhen apart is their commitment to transparency regarding the origin of their knives. With clear labeling on their product packaging and sales pages stating, ‘made in China,’ they avoid any misleading claims of Japanese craftsmanship.” – Chef Panko

We believe, wholeheartedly, in the Xinzuo brand (as well as their Hezhen Brand) – the quality and consistency of their products and the integrity of brand more generally – and so do they.



That’s why when you buy a Xinzuo knife, you get a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects, and the Bamboo Guy offers you a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

We’re committed to offering our customers “The Best For Less, Shipped To Your Door”. Shop our collection of Xinzuo knives today.


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