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About Us

Who is The Bamboo Guy?

I'm Robert Eastman AKA "The Bamboo Guy". Me and my wife DeAnna founded Musicians Friend Inc. For 25 years It was a great part of our life, then I retired. That was about 14 years ago and during that time I decided to explore two of my passions, gardening and cooking.

I've learned plenty about both of those skills, what I like and what I don't like. I enjoyed everything from horticulture to my culinary experiments to a handful of my other hobbies.

Despite the joy I got from all these things, I missed the day-to-day of owning an online business. I was an active businessman, and it’s difficult to escape the desire to do something constructive.

So, I'm coming out of retirement to start selling products that fit my old business slogan: "The Best For Less Shipped To Your Door". This new adventure is a Farm to Table theme. I wanted to focus this business on DeAnna's and my years of experiences, to help you with growing and raising your own home products.

We'll help with cleaning up and growing your own plants. Whether that's fruits, vegetables, or just something nice to look at. We'll help with storing, preparing, and serving your own food. 

If you're like me, you're someone who loves gardening and cooking but keeps an eye out for good quality, at a good price. It also means The Bamboo Guy will be your favorite place to shop.

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