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CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil - Lemon and Orange Extract Enriched

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CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil is a delightfully scented formula that’s easy to apply and works beautifully to restore and revive your wood surfaces. Whether it's Granddad's butcher block, the cutting board you received as a wedding present, a wooden salad bowl you picked up at the market, or an end-grain counter top at your very own restaurant, you take pride in making sure they are all well maintained. A few moments of work will bring a lifetime of joy with your wood treasures!

Kitchen surfaces and tools take a beating. Between sharp knives, water, soap, and temperature fluctuation, wood begins to dull, warp, and show wear. This is when a good conditioning oil is needed. Wood naturally wants to absorb everything it can. That’s how trees breathe. Your cutting board or butcher block is also soaking up everything it touches (good and bad), that's why you need cutting board oil with anti-microbial properties to penetrate deep into the wood to block bad bacteria from entering the wood fibers. CLARK'S is obsessed with healthy eating which is why our oil exceeds the FDA regulation on food safety and will never go rancid or harbor germs like plant-based oils.

Why You'll Love It?

Penetrates Deep into the Wood

Apply a generous amount of oil evenly to the wood surface and allow it to penetrate for 1-2 hours. Make sure you oil all sides. Oil works its way deep into the grain of your wood surfaces.

Perfectly Scented with Essential Oils

Perfectly blended with organic natural lemon and orange oils.

Prevents Drying and Cracking

Oiling cutting boards or butcher blocks every 3-4 weeks helps prevent wood from drying, splitting or cracking.

Food Safe and Antimicrobial

CLARK'S Oil will never go rancid or harbor germs like plant-based oils. Safest butcher block oil on the market with ingredients that exceed thee United States FDA regulations on safety for direct and indirect contact with food.

What Products Is This Safe To Use On?

Butcher blocks need a VERY low viscosity oil that penetrates deep because of the thickness of the wood

Hardwood counter tops and islands are not only provide a stunning look to your kitchen, they are functionally magnificent and will continue to wow with regular care

Maintain your often overlooked wooden utensils, salad bowls, serving trays and pizza peels.

Terrific for bamboo cutting boards, serving trays, utensils, drawer organizers, bowls, get it, anything bamboo.

Cutting Board Care

Step 1 – CLEAN

  • Wet cutting board on all sides in the sink
  • Apply CLARK'S Cutting Board Soap to one side of board
  • Use CLARK'S Scrub Brush or similar brush to scrub soap until a rich lather forms
  • Clean all sides of cutting board
  • Rinse board with warm water
  • Dry board with a towel


  • After board has sufficiently dried apply CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil to surface of wood
  • Rub oil into kitchen-knives without spreading too thin
  • Coat all sides evenly (rest cutting board on a plate to help keep your counter clean)
  • Allow oil to penetrate wood for 1-2 hours (If applying oil to new untreated wood, repeat above oiling steps several times over a 24-hour period)
  • Wipe off any excess oil with a paper towel

Step 3 – PROTECT

  • Apply a small amount of CLARK'S Cutting Board Wax Finish to surface of wood
  • Use CLARK'S Applicator or paper towel to coat all sides of wood in a thin layer of wax
  • Allow wax to penetrate wood for 20-30 minutes
  • Using CLARK'S Buffing Pad or paper towel, buff off any excess wax
  • CONGRATULATIONS! Your wood is now Food-Safe and ready to use

Customer Reviews

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Susan Briody
Gorgeous End Grain Maple Cutting Board

Gorgeous End Grain Maple Cutting Board! Shows no cuts or scratches from use at all! And my expensive chef knives love working on its delightfully smooth surface. Mineral oil treatment goes on easily, and absorbed within a hour. Will do regularly as needed to keep my board looking like new. Done with ever using cheaper cutting boards ever again. I’ll use them for hot plates instead. Or kindling…..

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