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Xinzuo B13D 4 Pcs 67 Layer Damascus Santoku Knife Set American Desert Ironwood

by Xinzuo
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Damascus Steel Santoku knife set Includes Santoku, Utility, Cleaver & Meat Cleaver.

  • 10Cr15CoMoV Powder Steel Blade Core for sharpness.
  • 316/316L Stainless Damascus outer anti-corrosion layers.
  • 67-total layers of folded steel.
  • 58-62 HRC rating for edge durability.
  • Hammer Pattern Damascus.
  • North American Desert Ironwood ergonomic handle.
  • Includes 7 inch Santoku knife, 5 inch Utility knife, 6.5 inch Cleaver, and 6.5 inch Bone Chopper.

This 4 piece Damascus Santoku Knife set is a great addition to your kitchen if you are looking for functional designs with more unique accents. Each blade is made up of a total of 67-layers of steel using multiple steel varieties for different purposes.

The blade core is made up of 10Cr15CoMoV Powder Steel and forms the primary cutting edge. This allows for a very consistent edge that is hardened to 58-62 on the Rockwell scale, producing a sweet spot for kitchen knife hardness. The edge isn’t too hard or too soft making maintenance easier with a lower risk of the knife being severely damaged during use.

Two sections of 33-layer 316/316L Stainless Damascus Steel sandwich the blade core. This makes dealing with corrosive fruits or vegetables easier than with a pure carbon steel blade. This steel features a Hammer Pattern for additional aesthetics.

The knife handles are made out of North American Desert Ironwood with silver accents and a brass rivet for additional decoration. Each handle has all of the rough edges removed for a more comfortable experience.

The 7 inch Damascus Santoku knife helps prevent high water content vegetables like lettuce and cucumbers from sticking to the side of the knife. This is a great knife for controlled slices and works well on vegetables and meats. It is very forgiving to beginning cooks, making it a great addition to your kitchen.

The 5 inch Damascus Utility knife is in the middle of other knife styles. The Utility knife can do most kitchen tasks, not at the same level as more specialized knives, but good enough so you don’t have to get another knife out.

The 6.5 inch Damascus Cleaver knife is for processing large numbers of vegetables and meat at once. Despite the wide and powerful looking blade, this Cleaver is not designed to be used to separate bones and other dense material.

The 6.5 inch Damascus Meat Cleaver knife is designed to separate gristle, bone, and other dense material from each other. This means the blade is more resilient than other cleaver-style designs and can take heavier impacts.

This Damascus Santoku knife set just might become your favorite kitchen knives.

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