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Our Motto "The Best For Less, Shipped To Your Door"
Our Motto "The Best For Less, Shipped To Your Door"

Damascus Kitchen Nakiri Knife

While it may look like a meat cleaver, the Nakiri is the wrong tool for cutting bones and meat. This traditional Japanese knife is designed for finely slicing herbs and vegetables with precise, repeatability.
A Damascus Nakiri should find its way into your collection, especially if you like kimchis and other thinly sliced Asiatic foods.
The most noticeable difference between a Nakiri and something like a Santoku knife is the lack of tip. Nakiri are rectangular in the blade and our Damascus Nakiris are no different. This particular blade shape forces you to use better slicing techniques which in turn makes slicing easier.
When you're dealing with a lot of lettuce and cabbage, the Nakiri is absolutely the right tool for the job. They also add a more oriental theme to your kitchen beyond their functionality.
Our Damascus Nakiris have outer stainless steel layers around a sturdy high carbon core. This makes the nakiri's edge incredibly sharp and durable while being anti-rust and anti-corrosion.


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