XINZUO 3pcs Knife Set with Olive Wood + Copper Flower Nails Damascus Steel 62-64 HRC

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The Xinzuo B37 Knife Set



Blade Material: 73 Layers Damascus Powder Steel Core

Handle Material:  Olive Wood Handle

Core Hardness : 62-64 HRC


This stunning knife set consists of Chef’s knife, Santoku and Utility knife. All three are extremely sharp, comfortable to use and guaranteed to form part of your collection for many years.


Chef’s knife - The XinZuo 8.5” Chef’s knife is a must-have for every kitchen, it is the most multifunctional and versatile knife you could have. The shape and sharpness of the blade make it well-suited to a range of tasks including slicing fruits cutting all types of meat, as well as easily and deftly chopping vegetables.


Santoku Knife – The 7” Santoku knife the perfect tool for all your daily cutting tasks in the kitchen, with a blade that is ground on one side only. This single bevel creates razor-sharp edge that is ideal for slicing and dicing vegetables – even cutting soft fruits!


Utility knife - The 5” Utility knife shares many of the qualities of our Chef's Knife, but is more suited to smaller food items like shallots, garlic cloves and small vegetables. Its size enables greater precision and control to achieve extremely detailed cutting work. 




The combination of these three stunning knives will make you a master of the kitchen and ensure that any culinary task is easy and enjoyable. Whether you need to cut meat, chop vegetables, or slice fruits the B37 series 3 PCS knife set can do it all.




Beautifully handcrafted with the finest materials

It is a well-known fact that Damascus steel is a superior material perfect for making exceptional knives. This particular steel has a hardness factor of 62-64 and 73 painstakingly manufactured layers. The combination of expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials ensures that this knife will be in your collection for a long time. The ultra-sharp blade makes for a professional cut with minimum friction and the durability of the metal ensures it will stay sharp for longer. The stylish handle is made from Olive Wood and has a comfortable grip that won’t slip and will allow you to handle the knife with maximum control. Due to the handcrafted nature of the knife, there may be some differences in appearance from the product images.



XinZuo has been manufacturing kitchen knives for 20 years and have mastered the core technologies of Damascus knives, including steel and craftsmanship, blade cutting method, handle structure, blade thickness and blade angle.  XinZuo has the latest and most advanced technology and design concepts and is committed to researching Damascus kitchen knives. Their products are renowned for their precise cutting, high hardness, corrosion resistance and durability. They are based in the kitchen knife capital Yangjiang City.


If you are looking for the perfect gift this knife set is luxurious and is packaged in a stunning gift box.


Customer Reviews

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I received my Xinzuo 3 piece set just last week and WOW!

The box arrived neatly packed. I opened the first knife box and what a beautiful Damascus pattern it had. The olive-wood handles look great and the 3 piece set match really well. I have used them all week and already I love them. They are definitely super sharp and make nice cuts effortlessly. I am so glad I stepped up to a quality set of knives that are as beautiful as they are functional. They look great in my kitchen!

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