Top Crop Heavy Duty Nonwoven Black Fabric Grow Bags, Reinforced Handles 1-30 gal

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Size: 1 Gallon 7.09in x 5.91in

Stitching Color Green: Bag Color Black

Non Woven Fabric: Weight

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The Bamboo Guy New Pricing, And Why It Saves You Money!

My new pricing offers the best price per bag with no minimum quantity per size. Everyone else is selling their bags in quantities of 5, 10 or more per unit sold. All my new bag prices are for each bag and are low so you can mix and match all the quantities and sizes that you need, from 1 listing. Now order all the right quantities and sizes for all your growing needs, but never have to order more than you need with my single pricing. From 1 Gallon All The Way Up To 30 Gallon Grow Bags For All Your Plant Growing Needs.

About Our Extra Reinforced Top Shelf Grow Bags: I have been growing in grow bags for 6 years now . My biggest problems by far come from bags tearing when moving. Either the handles rip out or the bag tears at the top rim where there is not any stitching. Now for the good news! When I decided to sell my own grow bags I searched until I found a factory who could make a bag that would improve on what is being sold in the market today. Our new bags have thicker fabric than the industry standard, extra handle material on both sides of the bag ( 15 gallon and up) for extra strength and stitching on all material edges. These new improvements are a must for anyone who is going to move the bigger bags.

Sturdy fabric: Built from thickened, nonwoven fabric. This material is strong yet permeable to air and water, allowing for optimal root zone aeration and water penetration.

No BPA: Our grow bags are BPA-free, environmentally friendly, and designed to help you get straight to growing your plants in a moveable, rich growing medium.

Permeable: The material is designed to be moderately permeable, allowing some water to pass through, but protecting roots from root rot.

Excellent drainage: The fabric means that the pots do not retain excess water allowing the roots to breathe whilst still holding plenty of moisture.

Extremely durable: Durable reinforced handles through superior stitching and hardy materials that make them easy to handle and resistant to puncture.

Portability: Made from heavy recycled fabric, our larger bags have extra material adding reinforcement along the handles, and are also double stitched. They have been designed to allow you to move your plants easily and safely.

More info about Our User Friendly Top Shelf Grow Bags

Material: Made from 100% environmentally friendly recycled material. Our thickened no woven fabric is resistant to punctures and thus easier to move around. Their extra stitching and quality of the material ensure they do not become waterlogged and are perfect for placement on patios and along borders.

Design: Enables root pruning and automatic drainage because of the unique vertically perforated material that eliminates circling roots, allowing for easy watering and root oxygenation.

Move and Storage: Can be used to easily and safely relocate potted plants, or to conveniently store them during the winter. Heavy-duty handles help to support the weight of the pot when filled with soil and water. A must-have for families, nurseries, and landscapers.

Advantage: Completely better way to grow your plants. Our revolutionary grow bags are inexpensive, designed for optimum root development, and have many benefits over other grow bags and traditional pots or soil.

Warranty: All our grow bags are 100% guaranteed for 3 years which means that you can be confident in the durability and quality of the product.

  • Name: Planter Grow bag
  • Material: High Quality Felt
  • Structure: Prevents roots circling and air-prunes plant's root structure
  • Warmer & Cooler: Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer
  • Feature: Super durable & reusable; Comes with 3- Year warranty

Bag Size




1 Gallon 7.09In 5.91in 260g
2 Gallon 7.87in 7.87in 260g
3 Gallon 9.84in 8.66in 260g
5 Gallon 11.81in 9.84in 260g
7 Gallon 13.78in 11.02in 260g
10 Gallon 15.75in 11.81in 300g
15 Gallon 17.72in 13.78in 300g
20 Gallon 19.69in 15.75in 320g
30 Gallon 23.62in 15.75in 320g

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jody Sagstetter
Fabric grow bags

Heavy duty, you can't go wrong

Shirley Bara Apt 160

Top Crop Heavy Duty Nonwoven Black Fabric Grow Bags, Reinforced Handles 1-30 gal

Glenn Hudson

Good quality does what I need it to do

Marvin Borup

Great service

H. Young

Received in timely manner items exactly as ordered, satisfied.

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