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CLARK'S Coconut Cutting Board Soap - All Natural Castile Based

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CLARK'S Coconut Cutting Board Soap is the first step in keeping your cutting board, butcher block, or other wood surfaces food-safe and toxic free. DO NOT use normal dish soap on your cutting board! While dish soap is relatively safe for glassware, pans, and ceramic surfaces, there are tons of harsh chemicals in most soaps that you would not want soaking into your wood cutting board. Just read the label on your standard dish soap and you'll see what we mean!

CLARK'S Coconut Cutting Board Soap is a castile-based soap that uses certified Organic vegetable fats and is free of any animal by-products. This special formulation is designed specifically to kill food borne germs on wood surfaces and is free of harmful chemicals to help keep your wood products food-safe. CLARK'S Coconut Soap is perfectly safe to use around children, pets and even for those with sensitive skin.

Why You'll Love It?

Organic Castile Soap

Simply rinse your cutting board or wood products with water, lather up with CLARK'S Cutting Board Soap, rinse it off with warm water, and dry with a towel. Now you’re ready to prepare your next meal. Yum!

100% Natural Refined Coconut Oil

An unscented plant based oil with no extra additives or preservatives.

Food Safe and Antimicrobial

No artificial thickeners or gels. CLARK'S believes the best way to clean is through natural means, which are 100% Earth-friendly and safe for everyone including kids, pets and those with sensitive skin!

What Products Is This Safe To Use On?

This soap has been specially formulated for butcher blocks, cutting boards, bamboo cutting boards, salad bowls, bamboo utensils, butcher block islands, end-grain cutting boards, knife handles, bamboo counter tops and basically any bamboo products that come in contact with food.

Cutting Board Care

Step 1 – CLEAN

  • Wet cutting board on all sides in the sink
  • Apply CLARK'S Cutting Board Soap to one side of board
  • Use CLARK'S Scrub Brush or similar brush to scrub soap until a rich lather forms
  • Clean all sides of cutting board
  • Rinse board with warm water
  • Dry board with a towel


  • After board has sufficiently dried apply CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil to surface of wood
  • Rub oil into cutting board without spreading too thin
  • Coat all sides evenly (rest cutting board on a plate to help keep your counter clean)
  • Allow oil to penetrate wood for 1-2 hours (If applying oil to new untreated wood, repeat above oiling steps several times over a 24-hour period)
  • Wipe off any excess oil with a paper towel

Step 3 – PROTECT

  • Apply a small amount of CLARK'S Cutting Board Wax Finish to surface of wood
  • Use CLARK'S Applicator or paper towel to coat all sides of wood in a thin layer of wax
  • Allow wax to penetrate wood for 20-30 minutes
  • Using CLARK'S Buffing Pad or paper towel, buff off any excess wax
  • CONGRATULATIONS! Your wood is now Food-Safe and ready to use

How to clean your cutting board

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