Hezhen 5pcs Set Damascus Steel Chef Santoku Utility Bread Paring Kitchen Knives

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The B30 Damascus 5-piece knife set is specially made in the Chinese Knife City of Yangjiang



Blade Material: 67 Layers Damascus Super Steel 10Cr15CoMoV

Handle Material: Figured Sycamore Wood

Core Hardness: 60±2 HRC


The B30 5-piece knife set hails from the hub of traditional knife craftmanship, the Chinese knife city of Yanqjiang. This world-renowned city has produced some of the best knives for centuries. These are two wonderful knives to add to your collection.


Chef’s Knife

The XinZuo Chef’s knife is a must-have for every kitchen and essential if you want to be a great chef. It is the most multifunctional and versatile knife you could have. The shape and sharpness of the blade make it well-suited to a range of tasks including slicing fruits and cutting all types of meat, as well as easily and deftly chopping vegetables.

Utility Knife

The Utility Knife shares many of the same qualities as our Chef's Knife, but is more suited to smaller food items like shallots, garlic cloves, and small vegetables. Its size enables greater precision and control to achieve beautiful, detailed cutting work.

Santoku Knife

A Santoku knife is designed to perform all tasks easily whether you're chopping, dicing or slicing. The wide blade allows you to scoop food up easily off the board, while still cutting shallow and fine slices as needed.

Bread Knife

A bread knife is designed for cutting soft bread but can also be used to cut cakes and other pastries. Its curved tip allows the chef to cut through crusty bread without crushing it which is especially important with newly baked warm bread. Its serrated edge helps saw through baguettes, bagels, and bread rolls without crumbling them.

Paring Knife

Paring knives are fabulous for intricate tasks. They're excellent for making tiny, precise cuts in fruits and vegetables, deveining shrimp, and they're perfect to have on hand if you're entertaining at home because you can cut small wedges of citrus peel for cocktails. This knife really well for any fine kitchen work.


Ergonomic Handle

The sycamore wood is a special variety of European maple with a shadow. It is a rare and sought-after wood that is a high grade which makes it more special and precious. The mosaic brass rivet gives the handle an elegant finish.

Razor Sharp Blade

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