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HEZHEN B38H 16 Pcs 67 Layer Damascus Chef knife Set White G10 Handles

by Xinzuo
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HEZHEN B38H 16 pcs 67-Layer Damascus Chef knife Set White G10 Handles.

Includes Chef, Santoku, Utility, Paring, Bread, Carving, Boning, Butcher, 4pcs Steak Knife, Vegetable Cleaver, Meat/ Bone Cleaver with White G10 Handles, Serving Fork & Honing Rod.

  • 10Cr15CoMoV Steel Core cutting edge for edge retention and sharpness.
  • Outer layers of SUS410 Damascus Stainless for corrosion resistance.
  • 67-total layers.
  • 58-62 HRC for durability and edge sharpness.
  • Gorgeous Damascus pattern.
  • G10 “Ivory” handle.
  • Acacia Wood Knife Block for storage.
  • Honing rod and Serving Fork.
  • Includes 8.5 inch Chef Knife, 7 inch Santoku Knife, 5 inch Utility Knife, 3.5 inch Paring Knife, 8 inch Bread Knife, 10 inch Carving Knife, 6 inch Boning Knife, 10 inch Butcher Knife, 5 inch right Steak Knife, 7.5 inch vegetable Cleaver, and 7 inch Meat Cleaver/Bone Chopper.

This 13 piece knife set brings elegance and performance to your kitchen. Each HEZHEN knife undergoes a vacuum heat/deep freezer heat treatment process to ensure a consistent temper 16 eightof the steel to ensure edge retention, durability, and sharpness.

The individual blades have a steel core made of 10Cr15CoMoV Steel to provide the primary cutting edge. This powder steel is layered specifically to make the most of the various metals used in the alloy. The core is protected by two 33-layered Stainless Steel sections. This helps prevent corrosion while providing a beautiful Damascus pattern.

The outer layers and inner core combine for a total of 67-layers. This helps ensure durability and consistency in the blade’s internal structure. Combined with the powder steel manufacturing, this makes the knife quality repeatable across the entire line.

The blade edge is hardened to 58-62 on the Rockwell scale. This balances the ability to sharpen the blade while having the edge stay sharp longer while reducing the chances of the edge rolling or chipping during use.

The handle is designed for comfortable ergonomics and has dehorned edges and corners. This allows you to use the knife with less discomfort for long periods of time. The handle itself is made of a white G10 material to simulate Ivory, making it legal to purchase and own.

Includes Chef, Santoku, Utility, Paring, Bread, Carving, Boning, Butcher, 4pcs Steak Knife, Vegetable Cleaver, Meat/ Bone Cleaver with White G10 Handles, Serving Fork & Honing Rod.

The Chef Knife has a 8.5 inch blade designed for most of your medium to large cutting tasks. The weight of the blade combined with the edge and dip design allow you to cut, slice, and chop meat, vegetables, fruits, and dense materials. But does not allow you to cut bone or similar things.

The Santoku Knife has a 7 inch blade and is designed for cutting vegetables. While it can be used to create thin, consistent cuts of meat, the Santoku really shines when cutting vegetables. Especially vegetables with high water content. The overall blade shape helps prevent watery vegetables like tomatoes and cucumber from sticking.

The Utility Knife has a 5 inch blade and can handle small to medium cutting tasks. This will be your primary knife in the kitchen when preparing minor dishes. The size of the blade allows for better control when cutting power is not an issue. It’s great for processing meats, fruits, and vegetables.

The Paring Knife has a 3.5 inch blade and is for your smallest kitchen tasks. The short blade enables you to have the most control over the knife, making it perfect for making garnishes and processing fruit. Peeling, slicing, and other “fiddly” tasks are the focus of the paring knife.

The Bread Knife has a 8 inch blade with serrations. The serrations help the knife cut through breads and other baked goods without smashing them down. This helps preserve the flavor and helps keep messes down. Thick crusts, cakes, and softer breads can all be cut with a Bread Knife.

The Carving Knife has a 10 inch blade designed to work on meat. The long, relatively narrow edge helps the blade deal with larger pieces of meat like roasts, legs, and hams. This style of blade can be used before and after the meat is cooked, but is usually used after when serving needs to be done.

The Boning Knife has a 6 inch blade that starts off narrow and widens out to make it easier to separate meat from the bone with a simple pushing technique. The sharp edge and overall blade design makes deboning meats easier. It can also double as a filet knife, making it great for both fish and red meat. If you do a lot of meat preparation a Boning knife is a great addition to your kitchen.

The Butcher Knife has a 10 inch blade with a wider profile than a Carving Knife. This allows it to have more cutting capacity. While Carving Knives are usually used after the meat is off the bone and cooked, a Butcher Knife is used to get the meat off the bone to be cooked.

Butcher Knives are used to break down animal carcasses and prepare them for cooking. This doesn’t mean that the knife is designed to chop through bone. Using this knife to try and cut bones will result in damage to the edge.

The 4pcs Steak Knife has a 5 inch blade that makes it great for your table and your kitchen. A steak knife can be used similarly to a standard Utility knife when other options are unavailable. It also makes eating your fresh steak dinner easier. Whether it’s preparing your food or eating your food, a steak knife is a great addition to your kitchen.

The Vegetable Cleaver has a 7.5 inch blade and is designed for use with vegetables. While it may look like a Bone Chopping knife, this cleaver design is closer in use to traditional Nakiri style knives. This means processing large amounts of vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, leeks, and other stackable foods.

The blade isn’t designed for high intensity impacts and will deform if it’s used to break down meat and bone. A rocking cut or slicing method will work great with this general blade shape.

The Bone Cleaver/Chopper has a 7 inch  blade and is meant for harder uses than your standard vegetable cleaver. Breaking down large, bone-in meat cuts is the purpose of this knife. Whether that is ribs or full legs, the Chopper is heavy enough to cut into bone and gristle. This won’t guarantee a one-hit cut through the material, but it will be easier than using a normal knife.

This whole set is rounded out with a Honing Rod for blade maintenance, and a Serving Fork. & Slicing fork.

For an incredible collection of cutlery and accessories, this is our best Damascus chef knife set. Let it bring more joy and creativity to your culinary pursuits.

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