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Xinzuo B1H 2 Pcs 67 Layer Damascus Steel Chef and Utility Knife Set with Pakka Wood Handle

by Xinzuo
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  • Xinzuo B1H 16 pcs 67 layer Damascus Steel Chef, Bread, Santoku, Nakiri, Utility, Boning, Paring and Steak Knife Set with Scissors, Honing Rod, Wooden Knife Block and Pakka Wood Handle.

    • 10Cr15CoMoV Steel Core for long term sharpness with proper care.
    • 316/316L Stainless Steel Damascus sides add to the corrosion resistance.
    • 67 total layers of composite steel.
    • 58-62 HRC rating allows for better edge retention.
    • Black Pakka wood handle.
    • Ergonomic Handle design.
    • Stainless Steel Scissors, Carbon Steel Sharpening/Honing rod, and wooden knife block.
    • Set comes with 8 inch Chef’s knife, 8 inch Bread knife, 7 inch Santoku knife, 6.8 inch Nakiri knife, 5 inch Utility knife, 5.5 inch Boning knife, 3.5 inch Paring knife, and six 5 inch steak knives.

    This 16 piece set is a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen. Each blade features a total of 67 layers of steel. 

    These layers consist of two out layers made of 316/316L Damascus Stainless Steel and a single inner core made of 10Cr15CoMoV Steel. This sheaths the primary cutting edge in a protective layer of rust resistant steel for greater longevity while maintaining a strong central core.

    The 10Cr15CoMoV Steel used in the core is only hardened to a 58-62 HRC on the Rockwell scale which allows for the edge to be very hard but not hard enough to be too brittle. This is important because it allows for the edge to be very fine but not wear out too quickly with normal usage.

    The outer 316/316L Damascus Stainless Steel serves two purposes. The primary purpose is to protect the blade core from corrosion. The second purpose is to provide an aesthetically pleasing Damascus pattern on the outer section of the blade.

    The handles feature a lovely dark Pakka wood with silver accents. This creates a good contrast between the handle, Damascus pattern and the rest of the knife’s construction.

    The handle design itself is more round with a slight taper towards the blade. This allows the handle to sit in the hand more naturally, swelling out to fill the palm of the hand making for better control and comfort.

    The 8 inch Chef knife is designed for most of your medium to large cutting tasks. The weight of the blade combined with the edge and dip design allow you to cut, slice, and chop meat, vegetables, fruits, and dense materials.

    The 8 inch bread knife features a serrated blade which allows it to cut through thick crusts and pastries. This helps preserve the flavor and integrity of whatever you’re cutting without smashing it down.

    The 7 inch Santoku knife is best used for chopping, mincing, and dicing. This makes it especially useful for dealing with vegetables, including those that give the Chef knife trouble. It can also be used on meat to produce nice thin slices.

    The 6.8 inch Nakiri knife allows you to process large sets of vegetables and is primarily used for dicing, chopping, and slicing.  This design is great for those who have a lot of salads or similar dishes to make.

    The 5 inch Utility knife deals with smaller cutting tasks that larger blades might struggle with. Peeling fruit, deboning meat, mincing herbs, and other general tasks are all within the abilities of the Utility knife. They allow for better fine tuned control compared to their larger counterparts.

    The 5.5 Boning knife allows you to carefully debone meat. This is done through how sharp and flexible the blade is. Unlike other blade styles, a boning knife can fit into more areas to get the most off the bone.

    The 3.5 inch Paring knife makes it easier to make things like garnishes while also doing more basic tasks like peeling. Paring knives allow for some of the best control for basic kitchen knife designs.

    The 5 inch Steak knives are perfect for cutting your steak or other finished dishes at the table. It adds an additional layer of style to your dinner table and can serve as an alternative to a utility knife in the kitchen.

    A set of Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears rounds out the cutting tools of this set. These can perform most of your normal shear tasks but it can also serve as a bottle opener and nut cracker. The shears separate to function as individual cutting tools as well.

    This set includes a Honing rod to help ensure your blade edges are aligned and sharp. The rod is high carbon steel with a diamond in-lay. This allows for a combination of sharpening and aligning when used on your knife edges.

    A wooden knife block is included to store all of your knives in one convenient place. This makes it both a decorative piece as well as a space-saving item.

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