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Xinzuo B27 5 Pcs 67 Layer Damascus Steel Chef knife Set

by Xinzuo
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B27 5pcs 67 Layer Damascus Knife Set includes Chef, Santoku, Utility, Paring, and Bread knife.

  • 1 layer 10Cr15CoMoV Powder Steel Blade Core for sharpness.
  • 66 layers of 316/316L Stainless Damascus outer anti-corrosion layers.
  • 67-total layers of folded steel.
  • 58-62 HRC rating for long term use.
  • Rose Wood ergonomic handle.
  • Includes 8.3 inch Chef knife knife, 7 inch Santoku knife, 5 inch Utility knife, 3 inch Paring knife, and 8.3 inch Bread knife.

The 5 piece Damascus Steel Chef Knife set is a beautiful example of well rounded design. Each blade is made up of 67 total layers of steel that is divided into two outer sections and one blade core.

The outer sections are made up of 316/316L Stainless Damascus Steel. Each section is 33-layers and is used to combat corrosion and rust. These 33-layers sandwich the blade core to protect it.

The blade core creates the cutting edge and is made up of 10Cr15CoMoV Powder Steel. This allows the edge to remain sharp and focus on blade hardness rather than corrosion resistance. The edge is hardened to 58-62 on the Rockwell scale which is a good range that balances edge retention and sharpening.

The handle features Stainless Steel accents, Rose wood handles, and a decorative brass medallion. The hard edges have been dehorned for comfort and ergonomics, allowing for long term use.

The 8.3 inch Chef knife is a great slicing design, lending itself to more rocking cut techniques. But unlike a full Santoku blade, this Chef knife has a more pronounced tip allowing for better versatility.

The 7 inch Santoku knife brings easy control to the kitchen. Thinly slicing meat and vegetables is this knife type’s primary objective and it can handle water heavy vegetables easier than other designs. Lettuces, cabbage, and cucumbers will all work well with this blade.

The 5 inch Utility knife has a blade similar to the Chef knife of this set. The longer usable edge and reinforced tip allows for a wider degree of tasks as you’d expect from a Utility knife.

The 3 inch Paring knife features more of a fruit knife style blade. The forward curved “claw” helps slice things with more authority in addition to providing better leverage with the tip of the blade.

The 8.3 inch Bread knife is a more traditional style. This might be a little obvious, but you can use a serrated bread knife to slice all kinds of bakery goods, from hard crunchy breads like sourdough & French breads, baguettes and brioches to bagels and biscuits. It’s also the go to knife for shaping and leveling cakes for decorating and cutting delicate slices for serving.

Tougher foods are no match for this serrated bread knife either. Melons and squash, which can be a challenge for straight-edged knives and pose a cutting hazard, are easily sliced with a long bread knife. Prepping other fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes or pineapple, are also good occasions to break out your bread knife. In a pinch, it can even be used to carve a roast or slice a big juicy meatloaf!

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